To whom it may concern

The association Vivasol supports the Horizon 2020 project proposal UNISECO: Understanding and Improving the Sustainability of agro-ECOlogical farming systems in the EU – submitted under SFS-29-2017: Socio-eco-economics – socio-economics in ecological approaches – coordinated by the Thünen Institute, Germany.

The aim of Vivasol is to promote the livelihood and vitality of the rural lifestyle. We are trying to achieve this by encouraging small scale nature friendly farming and providing relevant information for new comers. We are also very active in creating the direct link between farmers in the rural areas and consumers in the cities. Therefore, we see UNISECO as a project, which would contribute to understanding drivers and barriers for further development of agro-ecological approaches and more sustainable European rural environment.

We consider UNISECO as a comprehensive, timely and innovative potential project providing methodological toolkit to assess the sustainablity of European farming systems. We welcome the coverage of a wide range of sub-sectors, using case studies to account for variation in agro-ecological approaches and farming systems, ecological, climatic and socio-economic conditions as well as different market and policy incentives across Europe.

Vivasol recognises the high potential of the UNISECO scientific excellence of the transdisciplinary consortium and its anticipated contribution to strengthening the sustainability of farming systems in the EU. We therefore support this project and would be willing to get engaged in its potential development and activities by sharing our practical experience in assessing drivers and barriers of agro-ecological farming on national level. We would also be happy to review and test innovative management strategies of agro-ecological farming in the case study in Lithuania and to review and test developed participatory decision support tools, also providing end-users relevant advice to the whole consortium.

Yours sincerely,

Valda Kavaliauskas,

Director of the association Vivasol

12/02/2017 , Dargužiai