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About Association “Viva Sol”

The Association Viva Sol, acting as NGO, was established in 2006. It focuses on economic, environmental and social development of rural areas through the provision of information and informal trainings for various stakeholders in Lithuania and abroad.

The main activities include trainings and practice in development of the short food supplies chains and processing of milk and other agricultural products, building food based links between rural and urban areas, strengthening rural communities in building strong neighborhoods, fostering care of the rural environment and influencing local and national politicians in the sphere of rural and agriculture development.

Among the members of association there are such organisations as the VET school of rural crafts and business, the Baltic Environment Fund, the Cheesemakers’ House, as well as the small-scale farmers, politicians and other people interesting in sustaining vivid rural areas.

The association initiated or implemented as a partner various national and international projects, funded through Nordplus, Erasmus+, Lithuanian Development Cooperation and Democracy Promotion Programme, Lithuanian Rural Development Programme.

The association has strong cooperation links with the various partners in Ukraine and Georgia. Viva Sol cooperates with the partners from France, Denmark, Iceland, as well.